The Teddington Pilates Team are exceptional Pilates and Physical Therapy instructors. Each and every client’s session is tailored to his/her specific needs. Teddington Pilates Studio offer a unique combination of unrivaled skills that enable us to help you. This Pilates Studio is held in very high esteem, receiving referrals from G.P.s, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths helping deal with numerous conditions including back/neck problems, knee/hip post operations, Multiple Sclerosis, ante/post natal conditions, Scoliosis, rehabilitation post surgery including cancers, postural issues from desk and computer occupations. We are a formidable team with experience and expertise to help you.

Nicola Heaton (Nikki) is a highly qualified Pilates instructor, remedial/ rehab Pilates and specialising in pre and post natal Pilates. Nikki assists individuals rehabilitate from accidents and injuries. Nikki’s passion and experience is helping women with pre and post natal issues such as symphysis pubis dysfunction and post-natal pelvic floor dysfunctions, C-sections and Diastasis Recti (widening of the gap between the 2 sections of the abdominal muscle). Nikki’s experience meant she was able to apply her knowledge to help her own situation during and after the birth of her own child.

Having trained with Alan Herdman in 2002; Nikki, a former professional ballet dancer trained at the Royal Ballet School, understands the body’s movement and how best to help you improve your strength and control and known to “secretly” help celebrities with their movement and control on reality TV shows.

Nikki danced in Phantom of the Opera productions in Germany, Belgium and Denmark:  Nikki taught Pilates in one of Copenhagen’s premium studios for more than 2 years before being asked to return and join Alan Herdman in one of the London Pilates studios. Nikki is the co-owner of Teddington Pilates Studio, opened in 2012.

John E Kennett (Johnny) is a qualified advanced sports and remedial therapist, published exercise author and university lecturer of Anatomy, Sports Injuries and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a specialist performance coach. As a former aeronautical engineer, John’s understanding of complex mechanical systems is an advantage to his understanding of the human mechanics, movement and helping you improve.

John is a member of UK Space Life and Biomedical Sciences Association (UK Space LABS) and consults to scientists and institutions in the subject area of astronaut back pain: John develops countermeasure exercises for long duration space flight; counteracting bone mineral density loss and muscle atrophy in the astronaut population during long duration in microgravity, and musculoskeletal development for earthlings too (osteopina and osteoporosis).

Tessa Smalley is a highly qualified and precise Pilates teacher with many years’ experience, offering an outstanding record of support and teaching for the alleviation of painful injuries in a wide range of conditions, as well as general fitness. Like other instructors at Teddington Pilates, Tessa is experienced at helping women with pre-natal issues such as symphysis pubis dysfunction and post-natal pelvic floor dysfunctions, C-sections and Diastasis Recti (widening of the gap between the 2 sections of the abdominal muscle) is of huge benefit to clients. As a mother, Tessa understands the body’s experience through the stages of pregnancy and the post natal recovery process.

Tessa has taught Pilates in some of London’s premier Pilates Studios and brings a wealth of experience and balance to Teddington Pilates.

A former qualified P.E. teacher and contemporary dancer, Tessa worked as a performer and teacher in the UK, France and Germany, before returning to the UK to take up the post of Head of Expressive Arts at Darton High School in Yorkshire.

From 1990 to 2002 Tessa taught contemporary dance at Laine Theatre Arts training professional dancers before moving into Pilates, gaining her qualification on the Alan Herdman Teacher Training Course in 2002.

She has since taught Pilates in a variety of situations including the Alan Herdman Studios, along with mat work classes and private clients. Her clientele include a variety of well-known musicians/celebrities, professional dancers, actors, teachers, TV/film producers/directors, professional footballers/coaches, and Royalty.

  1. Johnny Kennett and Nikki Heaton have a unique combination of skills and expertise, encompassing medical and sports sciences, the performing arts and psychology. 

  2. The customised Pilates programme Johnny created for me has had a huge positive effect on my running performance and been of immeasurable benefit in recovering from acute and chronic injuries.

  3. Their commitment to their clients extends to researching the background to injuries and health problems in order to recommend new exercise options; this ongoing appetite for learning is rare and hugely beneficial. They have years of experience with a wide range of clients - healthy and ill, fit and, er, less fit! 

  4. Johnny and Nikki's in-depth knowledge of, and high personal achievements in, such diverse fields as anatomy and physiology, dance, sports therapy and psychology, and NLP combine to make Teddington Pilates so much more than a Pilates studio. You will be treated as an individual, with patience and humour! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Deb Russell

(Editorial Director, Medicine)

Our expertise is regularly called upon; we have treated, instructed and coached individuals, cast and celebrities working on and performing in:

  1. The Jump (Channel 4 TV), Chariots of Fire (West End), Once (West End), Phantom of the Opera (Copenhagen), BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing (BBC TV), ITV’s Dancing On Ice (ITV TV), Tivoli (Copenhagen), Cats, Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, The Snowman (West End), Professional footballer players, Professional rugby players, Professional tennis players, National Athletes

Teddington Pilates’ instructor’s technical grasp of anatomy, sports injuries is impressive and this has enormous benefits to their clients, who can be reassured that their treatments and training are based on solid scientific understanding. While this technical knowledge underpins and informs their approach, it also aids clients to develop a better understanding of their own bodies and minds and how they work. Because they are very good communicators, they are able to pass on the sort of information which helps clients contextualise and more fully appreciate the improvements they are working to achieve.

  1. “I am writing to tell you how much I appreciated your help and your way of teaching Pilates to me.  You are the most respectful teacher I have had in my 10 years of learning/practicing Pilates.  You pay attention to what the clients need and find exercises that meet their circumstances.   Before you touch anyone, while helping them learn the best way to do an exercise you always ask before you touch - no other teacher has been so respectful in this way.  It is especially important as I sometimes have my eyes closed to asking alerts me to the fact that you are there and have something constructive to add.

  2. Some weeks ago I saw you teaching another client and I heard you say, ‘this is good for articulating the spine.’   Some years ago I was diagnosed with severe lumbar stenosis (L4 and 5).  I asked you if that exercise would be helpful and appropriate for me and my condition.  You said you did not know but would do some research.  The very next time I saw you, you said you had looked into it and it would be fine for me and I started doing it.

  3. Since then I have visited the neurosurgeon and the pain clinic and the UCLH Neurological Hospital in Queens Square.  In both situations I mentioned Pilates in general and this particular exercise specifically.  Both told me that Pilates is the best thing I could be doing to keep me moving and free from the major surgery that has been suggested based on my MRI pictures.  Both also said that this particular exercise, that articulates the spine, that they both knew was the among the best exercises for me.

  4. Unlike other Pilates teachers I have known, you take in interest in the personal circumstances of those who come to the studio and you make the time to research the best and most appropriate way of using Pilates for each individual. Thank you so much for taking time with me.”

  5. Martha Jean Baker
    (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom)

Our instructors’ enthusiasm, combined with their skills, equip them to be a highly effective teachers. They are excellent motivators and naturally understand when positive feedback and encouragement are required. And their friendly and supportive manner make working with them and learning from them extremely productive and enjoyable.

John is the author of Resistance Band Workout. Published by Parragon Book Service Ltd. Sold and packaged for Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, additionally sold throughout UK & USA, translated in to German and also sold in Asia

“After many years of physio and other treatments for chronic back pain, the work John has done with me has been incredible. He has my eternal thanks!”

Claire Hoffman

"As a former athlete with severe injury problems, staying fit can be a challenge. John's careful advice and care through Pilates has helped me enjoy my sport free from pain. He has great insight and is a real motivator."  

Paul Mylrea

“The approach that Nikki and Johnny take to Pilates beginners and to more experienced clients is the same - they listen to you and work with you as an individual. Each client has their own programme and Johnny and Nikki are very good at judging the pace with each individual - from the basic moves and breathing to when to apply 'light touch' reminders, when to introduce more advanced exercises and when to refresh a person's programme. They are both extremely patient and apply their experience and knowledge of other exercise disciplines within the Pilates instruction. Working with both Nikki and Johnny it is clear that they want you to get the best for you and your body.”

Margaret Harley

“I have attended Tessa's classes for over 10 years. Shortly after I started, I was advised that I would need a hip replacement within the next couple of months. She worked with me to ensure that I did the very best I could to delay the need for this surgery, which I was able to do for over 9 years. Since having a total hip replacement, she has given me an individual exercise program which has substantially enhanced my recovery.

I find Tessa a very professional and thoughtful teacher and would recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking up pilates.”

Marian Wigley

“I have been doing pilates with Johnny for almost 2 years. I recently had my 1st child and the work we did throughout my pregnancy has enabled me to keep a flat stomach & protect my pelvic floor muscles. I felt really fit even though I'd stopped all exercise except for my weekly pilates session on the equipment. Johnny is very knowledgeable and professional, I strongly recommend him.”

Siobhan Payet

“It was whilst dancing the role of Jack Frost in the West End production of The Snowman that Johnny first treated me and I found the whole session to be utterly incredible.

As a professional dancer I have encountered many different Massage and Physio treatments whilst touring all over the world with Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake and Notre Dame de Paris but Johnny has to be the best I have ever experienced.

Jodie Blemings

(The Snowman, Peacock theatre, London)

“The man is a Guru. Johnny Kennett’s performance coaching helped me achieve the success I did during ‘Dancing on Ice’. His mental mastery coaching has also helped me in other areas of my professional life.”

Donal Macintyre

(ITV’s Dancing on Ice runner up)

020 8977 3579